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mit Pflaster…

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Marco’s incredible free kick!

This is not an official or important match, but the score means a lot, we waited for the score and celebrate for so long. And I believe Marco’s goal in official game will happen soon! Don’t forget this is just the 3rd match after Marco came back.

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when you’re team is losing so badly but you refuse to turn the game off


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me ‘celebrating’ the new year







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Forever reblog

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baby: ma-ma-ma
mother: mama ? :-)
baby: Manuel Peter Neuer (German pronunciation: [ˈmaːnu̯ɛl ˈnɔʏ.ɐ]; born 27 March 1986) is a German footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Bayern Munich and the Germany national football team. He has been described as a "sweeper-keeper"[4] because of his unique playing style and is known for his quick reflexes, excellent shot-stopping abilities, command of his area and accurate distribution of the ball.[5][6][7] Neuer won the 2014 FIFA World Cup with Germany as well as the Golden Glove award for being the best goalkeeper in the tournament.
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FC Bayern Season 2014-15 official posters


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My favorite pic of Andres Iniesta - asked by ohmygeri

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